Repairing A Flood-Damaged Car

Ask anyone about “car flood damage repair,” and most will say it’s impossible. Even car insurance companies, known to avoid spending money, tend to simply write off a flood-damaged car. Since cars are complex machines and flood water is harmful to all modern cars’ systems, the answer is usually not a simple one. Hydro-locked engines, short-circuiting […]

5 Reasons Every Fleet Should Have Dash Cams

Red Stick Fleet Services is dedicated to helping your fleet company save time and money. If your company uses fleet vehicles to deliver products or services and you’re not using a dash cam in each of your vehicles, you are missing out on some great benefits…and it could cost you time and money! Technology is […]

Be A Courteous & Prepared Driver

Highly populated cities with winding highways get crowded with holiday shoppers, vacationing families, and inexperienced drivers. This is true across the World. Baton Rouge is no exception. It is easy to get rattled and impatient whether you’re traveling during these times for work or pleasure. Some drivers are more easily irritated, aggressive drivers regardless of […]

Finding the Right Motor Oil

What motor oil is right for my vehicle? Walking down the motor oil aisle at your local auto supply store can leave you scratching your head. What do all these numbers and letters mean on the various types of motor oil? Why so many types of the (seemingly) same type of motor oil? Well, you […]

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid DIY Truck Maintenance

1. You Could Injure Yourself! Changing the oil shouldn’t be that hard, right? Wrong. Hundreds of things could go wrong while you are attempting an oil change – hot oil could burn you, you could bust your knuckles while trying to unscrew the oil filter or a jack could slip causing FATAL wounds. According to […]