5 Reasons Every Fleet Should Have Dash Cams

Red Stick Fleet Services is dedicated to helping your fleet company save time and money. If your company uses fleet vehicles to deliver products or services and you’re not using a dash cam in each of your vehicles, you are missing out on some great benefits…and it could cost you time and money!

Technology is forever evolving and this includes the popularity and improvements to video cameras. Cameras are everywhere. Traffic cameras, surveillance cameras, mobile phone cameras and even body cameras are widely in use today. Cameras play a critical role in public safety and personal security.

Adding a dash cam to your fleet vehicles can be very beneficial to you in many ways. Here are our top five reasons:

1) Citation Witness

Most of us have been stopped at one time by a particularly meticulous officer of the law. While police officers undergo detailed training in traffic laws and various violations, they are also human. Humans make mistakes. If you’re pulled over for a particular traffic violation, your dashcam footage could be used to help you prove your innocence. The camera footage would serve as a witness to the actual events that took place.

2) New Fleet Driver

Your fleet vehicles are assets to your company. The safe operation and careful maintenance help to protect these assets. When you hire a new driver, the fear of reckless operation and careless maintenance is a valid notion. With even a random check of the dash cam footage from the new hire’s company truck, you could be able to spot violations and warnings of carelessness. This could help you avoid damage to your vehicles as well as costly traffic accidents. However, even the mere existence of a dash cam in your company car can encourage safe driving habits for all of your drivers.

3) Helpful Eyewitness

Chances are that you will put a lot of miles on your fleet vehicles. It is safe to say the drivers of these vehicles may be a witness to traffic accidents or other public disturbances. The footage from your traffic cam can be submitted as evidence to help your fellow drivers and John Q Public. Car accidents can easily be explained by reviewing the footage of a nearby dash cam with a quality vantage point.

4) Safe Driver

Your collected dash cam footage could be reviewed and used to help improve upon safe driving habits. Cameras can reveal bad habits such as following too closely, improper lane usage, and rolling stops. Reviewing these issues and discussing them with your drivers could help you avoid dangerous accidents and costly damage; this simple practice could save lives!

5) Bigfoot

While you’re not likely to capture footage of bigfoot hitchhiking on the side of I-12, natural phenomenon does occur. Your dash cam could capture footage of a meteor shower, tornado or any number of natural events. Who knows? Your camera footage could end up on the 10 o’clock news!


There is an initial investment to be made here. Purchasing and installing dash cams in each of your fleet vehicles can be a hefty price tag. However, we suggest checking with your automobile insurance company before making your purchase. They may have suggestions for the right camera and may even offer policy discounts for companies utilizing dash cams – which could save you money in the long run.

Prices for units generally start around $75 per unit. You can also read the DigitalTrends.com article here for more information on the best dash cameras.

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